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I joined Mastereign on the 1st of September 2008. I am very blessed to be part of this dynamic, multi-talented and closely knitted family. I still remember how I felt on the first day I stepped into the office. I was a bit nervous as I was venturing into a totally new industry. But once I got to know all the sincere and interesting people in Mastereign, I immediately felt at ease. Since then I have received a lot of support, encouragement and guidance from every individual in the company.

Thank you everyone in the Mastereign family for your patience and assistance to me!

Mastereign rocks!

Jerome Gan

Next year will mark my 10th year in the sales industry. My career history was that of a professional salesman in industries ranging from electronics, banking and private education. Battling for sales figures and fighting for numbers were the order of the day. Backstabbing and conniving in order to get more clients and profits were all in a day’s work. I had long learned that a salesman’s path is laid with daggers and much as I tried to avoid them, I was unsuccessful in some cases. I sustained wounds and scars marked my tumultuous journey.

I thought I was an experienced sales veteran until I joined Mastereign. I realised that I actually knew little about sales. In Mastereign, I learned that doing sales is about sharing something of value with others and through the sharing, I may be able to play a small part in impacting their lives. To merely maximise profits is never a topmost priority in Mastereign. What really matters in Mastereign are relationship, responsibility, personal growth, well being, comradeship, integrity, just to name a few.

During my first year in Mastereign, with help from my mentor and other colleagues, I was redeemed from the path of daggers. I now look at sales with a new perspective. Here in Mastereign, we do not have to toil in our work. Instead, we celebrate life. So guess what kind of people surround me on a daily basis that brought about this change. I bet you know the answer.

Louis Lau

M is for the Marvellous and Masterful colleagues I have the pleasure of working with.

A is for the Awesome and Abundant Blessings I have received from working here. Hope this continues and grows!

S is for the Spiritual Strength I feel within the company and may we Serve with a loving heart always.

T is for the Terrific Time I've had here since I joined on Children's Day 2007.

E is for the Enriching, Entertaining & Exciting Experiences we've shared, at work and at play.

R is for the Responsibility I feel towards our clients, my company and colleagues, the Relationships & Results I've made or attained and hope to maintain and improve are the Rewards I’ll get.

E is for Exercise (mentally - I've learnt more, and physically through dance classes with Danny & Wilson @ Studio Wu, dance floor aerobics with John & gang @ Zouk, Indochine, etc, swimming with my pals @ Pulai Springs and running around in heels during the Amazing Race in JB.)

I is for the Ingenious, Imaginative, Innovative, Impressive & Interesting Individuals in the company.

G is for GOD's blessings that are showered upon us. I look forward to Growing old with Mastereign.

N is for the Company's Never-say-die attitude and Never-ending blessings.

Angelica Itao

All thanks to the wonderful people who make up the Mastereign family – especially my boss who has guided me and persevered to help me become what I am today, and what I will be in the future. There is also Sofian, a MOST ingeniously creative man, the LIFEBEAT of visual and media arts, who has taught me so much.

Of course, there is the awesome Mastereign team in which every one remains undaunted in the face of adversaries and wins silent victories while making Mastereign grow. Mastereign is all about tribe, and we are a tribe.

Norain Boon

My experience in Mastereign has been personally rejuvenating and it is all because of the people here - a passionate, talented and fun bunch. Everyone here works hard and knows how to play hard. The more talented ones amongst us are humble, sincere, and ever ready to give help and support to those who need it. In addition, there is genuine respect for each other's talents and abilities. The dream team is in Mastereign and I am blessed to be part of it.

Yvonne Low

Mastereign has always been special and dear to my heart. My journey with this dynamic and multi-talented team began when I was 16 years old. What started off as a post O-level part-time job eventually led me to God’s divine pathway for my life.

Over the years, Mastereign has evolved into a well-known holistic enrichment group supported with cutting edge technology and passionate professionals. However, one thing that remains consistent is the commitment to be a blessing to our society. The strong belief system in the leadership has no doubt impacted the tribe in a professional and personal way. Serving with a heart and upholding responsibility are our top core values.

To me, Mastereign is more than a job, more than having great colleagues, more than making money, more than getting a pay cheque. Mastereign is about impacting lives.

Keith Low

I have worked for Mastereign for more than two years now. It has given me the opportunity to grow in various new job roles and I have learned many things about people, relationships and business negotiations.

Mastereign treats her employees fairly and with respect. Mastereign makes you feel like a member of a family.

I love working for Mastereign and I know it’s all because of the guidance of Mr John. I look forward to going to work every day. What could be greater than that? I owe everything and all my success to the greatest company in the world. Here I have a great experience and an awesome team of people to work with.

Vas Letchumanan

Mastereign is a team that comprises many different people with different characters and skill sets. We have drama practitioners, musicians, event organisers, business owners, visual artists, graphic designers and the list goes on. In normal circumstances, this group of people would not have a chance to work together. But in Mastereign, we get to work and interact like a family. Our company’s motto is to bring all of us from success to significance and ensures that we all head towards one strategic vision.

To me, what is truly significant about the company culture is that we have a ‘never-give-up’ attitude and that has helped us forge forward to overcome many obstacles. There is also a sincere care and concern that we show for one another in and outside work life. The numerous relationships I have built up with my friends in the company are what I treasure greatly. Amazingly, the Mastereign culture has translated and is evident even in many of our spouses and partners.

Working in Mastereign has been a life-changing experience for me. I have learnt not just how to do business but also pick up many important life skills and principles.

I have been working here for the last three years and I have witnessed tremendous growth. I have moved into three offices during these years, with each office larger than the previous one. Yet, the closely-knitted culture I experienced back at our first office in Keck Seng Tower is still intact.

With strong core values and a culture of not just creating value but adding value to all stakeholders and clients, we are a group of people who truly serves with a heart. I am confident that we will grow larger and at the same time preserve our culture of high responsibility and strong relationships and continue to be a blessing to all generations to come.

Terry Lim

When I first started with Mastereign, I had a gentlemen agreement with my boss that I would work for a year as I was on a sabbatical break. Six months into joining the company, I was drawn to Mastereign. Today, after four years, I am devoted and bonded to this organization.

Unlike the other companies I had ever worked for, Mastereign allows independence of leadership based on sound principles. We get to explore every possible opportunity yet guided by the wisdom. In Mastereign, I have met wonderful caring comrades who have over the years grown to be like brothers and sisters to me.

Above all, I must say that with Mr John Lee’s down-to-earth leadership, I am convinced that this place is where I can truly call my first home.

Sofian A. Manap

It's a blessing to be part of the Mastereign tribe because every one of us feels like family and we are not treated as money-making tools. As an associate trainer, I know that my interest is well-protected and I can grow with the company. This is the best company I have ever worked with so far.

Jackly Kuah