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Mastereign Specialists provides ICT Trainers to schools on a contract basis as well as fully-qualified and experienced CCA trainers in the areas of Drama, Dance, Music, Sports, Media Arts and Visual Arts.

Our Stories

“Jeffery Wong is a dedicated teacher, caring, supportive and friendly to the students and the teachers. He is diligent in his given responsibilities and he is patient with his students. In a nutshell, Jeffery Wong is a patient and dedicated person.”

—Estee Lim
Park View Primary School
Head of Department IT

“It has been a wonderful time working with your company to provide the school with a 3D Animation instructor. Mr Chinthana’s technical expertise and patience in guiding the students are very much appreciated.”

—Jason Yap
Yio Chu Kang Secondary School
Teacher in-charge, Infocomm

Mastereign Specialists – Dance is committed to the education of dance through our extensive curriculum, experience and diverse variety of dance disciplines.

Our team is fully committed to the students’ development and training, both in the aspects of character and dance techniques. Our group of professional instructors bring their expertise and knowledge to the classroom.

Dance Club with West Grove Secondary

In 2012, we trained and developed the dance club students for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and Danceworks. The club received a Bronze award for the participation in SYF 2012 International Dance Category.

Dance Club with Jurong Junior College

In 2013, Jurong Junior College achieved an Award of Accomplishment for their participation in the SYF 2013 International Dance Category.




Students will be inspired and nurtured in the area of dance and unleash their talent in performing through the Dance Club CCA.

Through dance, students will be encouraged to express themselves more freely and learn more about social interaction while developing their technical skills in dance.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, we hope that the students cultivate a greater appreciation and understanding of dance and also acquire essential dance techniques. They will also gain a higher level of self-confidence as they go through performances and competitions.


  1. Dance Techniques
  2. Musicality and Interpretation
  3. Performance and Staging Skills
  4. Develop Leadership, Team Synergy and Character Model


  • Development of soft skills and nurturing the students’ character development
  • Ability to put up performances with community involvement and charity drive
  • Be able to participate in national competitions 
  • Prepare students to be able to further their dance education
Mastereign Specialists – Drama is committed to engaging and nurturing students in drama and unleashing their hidden talent. We also encourage, inspire and promote the students’ involvement in performing arts while enhancing the quality of their life through the transformative power of theatre.

We offer our training with the belief that drama education is an integral part of the total development of an individual.  As such, the students are also taught to take on life and to develop life skills that will boost their confidence and contribute to their positive character building to become effective people.

DRAMA CLUB ALIVE with Holy Innocents’ High

We were engaged to direct a full-length musical for its school’s 120th Anniversary celebration and also to conduct the holistic training for its drama club students to prepare them for a series of showcases and Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2012.  The students performed very well and were awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment.

DRAMA CLUB ALIVE with Jiemin Primary School

It has been a very rewarding five-year partnership with Jiemin Primary School in which we get to produce, direct and stage its annual Musical. Jiemin strongly believes in developing and transforming its students through the power of theatre. We are honoured to be part of their holistic education. We certainly enjoyed working with the talented students having trained them in acting, singing and dancing, to perform an original musical every year both in school and in theatre. We truly appreciate the school’s faith in engaging us to impact and inspire Jiemin students to learn about and develop through performing arts.



Students will develop in our DRAMA CLUB ALIVE training in one year. It is an inspiring, holistic and a purposeful drama club programme where we will set the student’s imagination in motion while he/she loosens up to unleash his/her talent and develop skills in theatre, drama and performance. Through the medium of theatre, the process will be also experiential in nature that encourages self-discoveries and social interactions focusing on exploration, experience, discovery, expression, creation and reflection for students.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this drama programme, we hope that the students not only cultivate a greater appreciation for drama but also to acquire the essential drama skills. We also hope that the students develop a greater interest in theatre while providing experiential and process-oriented tools in the development of certain life skills to contribute to their positive character growth. Students will discover that theatre is more than just performing. They will grow and glow through theatre.


  1. Improvisation, Monologue, Poetry, Devising, Physical and Story Theatre
  2. Musical Theatre – Sing, Dance and Stage
  3. Stage Acting and Various Performance Forms
  4. Voice and Speech
  5. Discovering and Producing Theatre
  6. Stagecraft 
  7. Productions


  • Learning about life values through arts and theatre and applying them into everyday situations
  • Developing to be an all-rounder drama student
  • Experiencing personal growth through the process of  theatre
  • Performing in purpose-driven performances with community involvement and charity drive 
  • Preparing for external drama examinations such as Trinty London
Mastereign Specialists – Music specialises in providing good quality music educators and programmes to schools and bringing the best music education to students to further inspire them to the next level in music.

Stomp It! Programme with Seng Kang Secondary School

Students were trained through our music programme in 2012 to work towards a school performance and also a public showcase in Plaza Singapura in support of the Parkway Health Group ‘I am a Cancer Warrior’ event. Students were greatly inspired and their passion in music and confidence grew stronger.

Rhythm & Beats Percussion Programme with Outram Secondary School

For the past four years, we trained students in Outram Secondary School and empowered them to perform for major school events and concerts. In 2011, they participated in the Living Lasting Legacy charity concert.



Students will embark on a journey in learning how to play the guitar through an ensemble in the CCA group. Students will learn about chord reading and playing, different rhythmic strumming, ensemble playing and many more.



Students will embark on a journey in learning how to play a percussion instrument through an ensemble in the CCA group. Students will learn about note reading, rhythmic pattern playing, ensemble playing, and many more.



Students will embark on a journey of learning keyboard playing in the CCA group. Students will learn about note reading, melody and chords playing, ensemble playing and many more.




Students will embark on a journey in learning pop vocal singing in the CCA group. Students will learn about vocal projection, pitching, and other vocal techniques through pop music singing.

The training programmes work towards showcases and concerts in schools, public and community homes. The arrangement of learning journeys for the students in relation to music is also available.

Mastereign Specialists – Sports uses the FUN-d-Mental approach to sports and games. We strongly believe in having fun through training and that it can enhance performance and instil mental strength and resilience to perform better.

Achievements with St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School

This is our third year working with St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School. The track and field athletes have blossomed from zeroes to heroes. Despite all odds, SACPS has been competing with schools whose niche is in sports. Under our dedicated chief coach, the girls accomplished the following in 2013:

  • Top 4 in C Division Track and Field
  • Top 5 in D Division Track and Field
  • C Division Champions of the 4×100 relay




Students will specialise in a specific sport based on their interest or potential. They will go through focused training from  periodisation to specialisation. They will also be trained to compete in intra-school or higher level event or competition.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will gain a better understanding of a specific sport,  develop the fundamental  skills and a competitive youth squad for the sport, attain a higher physical fitness level and mental strength. They will also develop skills in strategic planning, creativity, teamwork and leadership while building a positive character.


  1. Strength and Conditioning for Individual or Team Level
  2. Agility and Endurance
  3. Techniques and Tactics for Team Sports 
  4. Introduction of Mental Strength Training Phase
  5. Leadership, Sportsmanship and Character Values
  6. Compete in Various Tiered Events 


  • Innovative and fun way of training to stimulate the muscles and mental agility (Fun-d-Mental)
  • Teambuilding at its fullest
  • True meaning of sportsmanship – in games and in life
  • At the end of this programme, students will improve their physical fitness
Mastereign Specialists – Visual Arts is committed to the employing of visual arts as a challenging, interactive medium to impart skills such as hand-eye coordination, arts appreciation and thinking skills that will come in useful not just in the making of art pieces but also in the student’s process of self-discovery and character development.

Art Club at Telok Kurau Primary School

We played a key role in developing the students’ art making abilities in areas such as painting and sculpting. After the training sessions were completed, the school sent in the art works made by the Art Club for the SYF 2011 submission. It won the Bronze Award, the first award that the school has ever received.




Students will get a complete and comprehensive training in the fundamental aspects of visual arts. We concentrate on drawing, painting, sculpting, and conceptualization knowledge and skills in order to develop the student’s aptitude and comprehension of the visual arts.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to do pencil drawing and sketching, oil pastel drawing, watercolour painting, acrylic painting, and sculpting with air dry clay or earthen clay. They will also learn how to tackle many subjects through these mediums such as portraiture, still life and landscapes. Students will also be exposed to fundamental art history from Western Art to Asian Art.


  1. Drawing Skills Focusing on Fundamentals
  2. Painting Skills and Brushwork with Colour Theory and Application
  3. Art History Basics and Exposure
  4. Form and Light Representation on a Two-Dimensional Plane


  • Learning journey to a featured art exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum with a ‘Find the Art’ quiz game where students are given clues regarding an art work and then are tasked to find it within the exhibition
  • An art talk by a local artist who will share insights regarding the life journey of a practising artist
  • An art learning fair in the school where the students can set up booths to teach their peers to do the types of art that they have learnt in the programme
  • Individual portfolio which they can use as a showcase for their work if they wish to pursue studies in a specialised art school such as School of The Arts (SOTA)