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Mastereign Professionals aims to provide a wide variety of exciting industrial-based exposure programmes for students to open up vast possibilities beyond the scope of secondary school education.

Our specially-crafted programmes engage students and stimulate their interests in finding out more about the targeted industries. It could be the hospitality, beauty, aviation industry, and more.

After the successful completion of these programmes, students may gain credit exemptions to certain courses in tertiary institutions to enjoy a head start in their educational journey. For these students, they will also find themselves in a more enviable position as they are usually more confident about the courses they take and are more certain about their future career choice.


Our Stories

Our Professional Showcases

At the end of every Elective Module, the students are given a platform to showcase the knowledge and skills they have learnt to invited guests (Principals, Vice-Principals, teachers and fellow students).

The showcase is a visual feast that is exciting and entertaining. The experience develops the students’ professional skills and also unleashes their talents and abilities. The process fosters their life skills and contributes to their positive self-growth and confidence.

These modules will provide participants with a sound foundation from which they can progress onto higher level studies.

“In the year 2012, Mastereign Professionals (North East) Pte. Ltd. worked with the school to conduct the Airline Services, Hospitality and Hotel Management and Motion Animation Elective Modules for two Normal Technical classes.

The trainers were responsible and were very good at encouraging and interacting with the students. They imparted knowledge and skills to the students through engaging pedagogy.  

“At the end of the Elective Module, Mastereign Professionals (North East) Pte. Ltd. organised a showcase for the students to apply what they have learnt from the modules. The showcase was very well planned and detailed. The effort and time spent by the trainers to prepare students for the showcase contributed greatly to the showcase’s success. The showcase provided a platform for the students to display their knowledge and skills that they have learnt from the modules. Teachers were invited to the showcase and they gave much positive feedback. The students had gained more wonderful learning experiences from the Elective Modules.”

—Ms Goh Chai Peng
HOD Pupil Welfare
Yishun Town Secondary School

“I would like to express my gratitude for the job well done by your team in charge for the GRC Banquet 2012 at Hougang Secondary School Hall.

The pupils proudly served the school’s guests with expertly prepared Mocktails.  They were well-prepared and very professional with the apron outfit and the bar counter set-up.

I am sure the pupils have learnt a valuable lesson from this experience.”

—Anwarul Nizam
Teacher In-Charge for Elective Modules
Hougang Secondary School


Students will develop professional knowledge on classic manicure and pedicure procedures as well as exclusive techniques that transform ordinary nails into beautiful works of art. Throughout the entire programme, there will be many opportunities for students to exercise their self-motivation and discipline in seeing their own art forms taking shape right before their eyes. This exciting hands-on experiential learning draws out the best in students while they deliver their promises with inner confidence and strength.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to provide a comprehensive manicure & pedicure experience and an enchanting nail art exhibit to wow their fellow students, teachers, and guests-of-honour.



  1. Understanding the anatomy of the nail and the various nail shapes
  2. Caring for the nail, including sanitization and sterilization procedures, proper filing techniques, correct ways of removing cuticles, and nail buffing.
  3. Appreciation of classic manicure and pedicure procedures including massage.
  4. Mastering the classic nail polish techniques.
  5. Creative nail art including acrylic freehand drawing and decorative usage of rhinestones or crystals



  • Enriching learning journey to a manicure and pedicure salon to understand its business operations
  • Full set of manicure and pedicure equipment including nail art supplies will be provided for the students.




Students will learn from our professional landscapers how to design, create, and maintain green spaces in our modern city. They will be shown how to create a space where plants, building materials, colour, and form all work together to create an environment that is stimulating, cohesive, and enjoyable for everyone. Working in teams, students will get to practice their responsibility, self-management, relationship management, and decision-making skills.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to confront and solve problems that are relevant to landscaping, and create a miniature garden.



  1. Appreciation of the Science of Landscaping.
  2. Understanding Environmental Issues and Sustainability in theLandscaping Industry
  3. Identification and Proper Use of Equipment and its Maintenance
  4. Secrets to Making a Miniature Garden
  5. Handling of Large-scale Landscaping Projects



  • Enriching learning journey to a nursery for insights into the landscaping industry
  • Creative construction and display of miniature garden
  • Possible community contribution by raising funds through sales of miniature garden



Students will learn skills that every household will need. A skilled handyman is a master of all maintenance tasks ranging from plumbing, lighting, to air-conditioning services. Learning the ropes of the business from our professional handymen, this comprehensive hands-on programme helps students to strengthen their problem-solving skills and self-management skills.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to skilfully and reliably perform various maintenance tasks.



  1. Understanding the Importance of Health and Safety Regulations
  2. Identification and Proper Use of Tools
  3. Introduction to the Plumbing Trade
  4. Handling of Lighting Works
  5. Appreciation of Air-Condition Servicing jobs
  6. Handling of Simple Appliances



  • Empowering learning journeys and workshops to understand the trade
  • Necessary equipment will be provided for the students
  • Possible community contribution by providing simple maintenance works



Students will learn to prepare a variety of coffee beverages such as cappuccino, café latte, and a range of espresso. This module offers intensive, hands-on, and practical training to meet the skills needed of a demanding industry. This programme also covers the basics of a great cup of coffee.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will learn the art of coffee presentation, texturing milk, preparing for service, and maintaining the espresso machine.



  1. Preparing a Range of Coffee
  2. Preparing Variety of Coffee such as cappuccino, cafe latte, and macchiato, among others
  3. Coffee Presentation
  4. Texturing Milk
  5. Preparing for Service
  6. Maintenance of the Espresso Machine and more



  • Enriching learning journey to the barista industry
  • Demonstration of skills in a showcase




Students will learn the specific teaching skills and knowledge required in the development of infants and toddlers. Students will practice the methods and skills related to the care and education of pre-schoolers in Singapore.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to implement and hone their skills for working with young children.



  1. Principles of Development in Children from birth through thirty-six months
  2. Methods and Materials to Assist Young Children in the Learning Process
  3. Protecting the Health and Safety of Young Children and Promoting the Development of Lifelong Health Habits.
  4. Raise the Awareness of the Rights of the Child (UN-CRC) and Introduction to the Code of Ethics for Early Childhood Educators Locally
  5. Study of Positive Guidance and Discipline Techniques that can be used to encourage children to develop self-discipline and responsibility for their own actions
  6. Practical Skills and Techniques in Building Relationships with and Handling Young Children
  7. Stimulate and bring the students’ attention to the important aspects and value of early childhood education in relation to their contribution to the future of Singapore society



  • Empowering learning journey to a children’s ward in a local hospital
  • Alternatively, bring young children out for a learning journey.
  • Necessary equipment will be provided for the students




Students will be introduced to two major areas: engine mechanics and aerodynamics. Students will develop their creativity, precision, and confidence. Students will learn about the history of flight, aerodynamics, and how to build and fly a model aircraft.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will gain aviation know-how through a practical, hands-on approach.


  1. Flight Simulator Experience
  2. Visual Display of Aircraft Avionics
  3. Control Tower Operations
  4. Engineering Operations
  5. Managing Control Lines



Students will learn the various techniques used in aesthetic treatments ranging from facials, manicures and pedicures to professional day and evening make-up services. They will develop their skills in providing head, neck and shoulder massage therapy.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to provide a basic comprehensive beauty salon experience for guests.


  1. Enriching LearningJourney to a Beauty Salon 
  2. Facial Treatment including cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing
  3. Professional Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage
  4. Professional Day Make-up
  5. Manicure Procedures 
  6. Paraffin WaxTreatment



Students will be introduced to the hospitality industry covering food and beverage operations, housekeeping, customer service, hospitality supervision, and bar operations. They will be teamed up to concoct and design their own mocktail creations.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to provide customer service and serve their unique mocktails to teachers and guests-of-honour.


  1. Learning jJourneys to Hotels, Country Clubs, and Bars for insights into the Hospitality Industry
  2. Creative Mocktail Concoctions
  3. Food and Beverage Operations
  4. Creative Napkin-Folding Techniques
  5. Customer Service 
  6. Hospitality Supervision



Students will be introduced to the world of food preparation and the importance of quality ingredients. They will learn about kitchen safety and hygiene, tools and equipment, and ways to whip up a sumptuous meal spanning Asian & Western cuisines, to beverages and desserts.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to plan, produce, and serve a gastronomic delight to teachers and guests-of-honour with pride and confidence.


  1. Learning Journeys to a Central Kitchen for insights into the Culinary Industry
  2. Creative Cooking Techniques 
  3. Innovative Food Presentation
  4. Skilful Execution of Food Preparation 
  5. Teamwork


Professional_retailRETAIL ENTREPRENEUR

Students will develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset while learning the process of idea generation to business formation and actual business launch. They will learn essential business skills such as budgeting, merchandise sourcing, marketing, branding, and promotions.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to foster proper decision-making, prudent resource allocation, negotiation skills, excellent leadership, and teamwork. Teams will be empowered to source for goods for resale with allocated resources for their showcase.


  1. Exciting Learning Journey to Wholesale Centres 
  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  3. Business Marketing Fundamentals
  4. Customer Service 
  5. Integrated Marketing Communication 



Students will be introduced to the airline industry. They will have an understanding of airport facilities and services, and in-flight procedures in this programme. They will explore the unique operating environment and the roles of the flight crew, be it in the cockpit or in the cabin. Students will get to master a variety of skillsets encompassing self and social awareness, self-management, relationship management, and responsible decision-making, which are needed to become world class cabin crew.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to play the role of airline crew and host passengers in a mock-up airplane cabin setting.


  1. Inspiring Learning Journey to uncover the expanse of the Aviation Industry
  2. Appreciation of the unique operating environment and job scope of Cabin Crew
  3. Mastering the Verbal Communication, Customer Service Skills, and Characteristics of an Effective Cabin Crew.
  4. Learning the Essential Features and Equipment encountered in a Cabin Crew Environment.



Students will learn how to perform magic tricks and sculpt balloons. They will master the art of livening up an occasion and captivate their audiences with their entertaining hosting skills. Students will have hands-on experience in planning a show to suit different occasions.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to skilfully display their acts with pride and confidence to a live audience.


  1. Vibrancy of the Entertainment Industry.
  2. Understanding the Application of Image, Props, and Set Up
  3. Mastering the Art of Entertainment including juggling and balloon twisting
  4. Mastering the Art of Entertainment using Magic Tricks.
  5. Entertaining Hosting and Presentation skills



Students will be introduced to the use of Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera or popularly known as DSLRs. A professional photographer will be available to guide them. Students will be exposed to the soft skills of professional photography from capturing moments of an event, to framing the shots for publications.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to skilfully handle DSLRs and present their point of view creatively using digital photographs that ‘paint a thousand words’.


  1. Autofocus, WB and ISO
  2. Handling and Caring for the DSLR
  3. Background, Lighting and Subjects, Framing, and Presentation of Shots
  4. Capturing Artistic andInformative Shots



Students will experience the entrepreneurship process: from business formation, business idea generation, ground survey, an actual business launch using the Internet and social media, to generate publicity and increase sales.



Students will learn about the rate of change within the electrotechnology industry which has never been greater and is expected to increase.  The purpose of this course is to expose students to the basic skills and knowledge for work in any electrotechnology discipline. Skills shortage in this industry will give participants wider career options and the potential to be their own boss.



Students will learn about Singapore’s healthcare industry by understanding out-patient and in-patient care and treatment. They will also learn how to give basic first aid and apply their newly-acquired skills during visits to homes.



Students will learn about Singapore’s security industry by learning how to handle security incidents. They will also learn the proper services provided by security and patrol personnel. In addition, they will also understand the basic skills and techniques in self-defence and security management.



Students will learn about diet and nutrition, spa etiquette, and the effects and benefits of therapy (from massage to facials). They will also be exposed to the spa business in Singapore and the skills needed to succeed in this thriving industry.



Students will learn about Singapore’s burgeoning fashion industry. Designers like Ashley Isham and brands like Raoul have cemented our island’s name on the fashion map.  Students will have an all-round knowledge, skills and understanding of the various aspects and processes of the industry; including textiles, fabrics and colour concepts. From apparel design to purchasing of raw materials at textile merchandisers and fashion houses in Arab Street and North Bridge Road, students will showcase their wonderful creations on the school’s runway at the end of the programme.



Students will learn about Singapore’s booming financial industry. They will learn proper financial management such as how to provide for financial security and ensure that all goals of personal finance are met.

Students will find direction and meaning in their financial decisions. They will understand how each financial decision affects other areas of finance. At the end of the programme, students will know how to make intelligent financial choices and avoid financial pitfalls.




Students will learn about Singapore’s professional floral trade which encompasses flower care and handling, floral design, arranging, merchandising, display, and delivery.  Students will learn about the cultivation of flowers to their arrangement and the business of selling them. At the end of the programme, students will know how to select flowers and other floral supplies and materials, and put them together to fit any event or occasion.



Students will learn about Singapore’s food and beverage industry. Students will learn about food and beverage operations and the art of giving great service and doing promotions. They will also be exposed to the front line, kitchen, and back end operations of a food and beverage outlet. Students will then present a café set up with proper table setting display in the school for their teachers and guests-of-honour. Guests will be treated to an array of creative mocktails concocted by the school’s very own food and beverage students.



Students will learn about Singapore’s hairstyling industry. They will learn the basic skills in hairstyling, such as product knowledge, long and short hairstyles, colouring and dyeing, and fashion sense, among others. At the end of the module, students will have an understanding of the various tools, equipment and chemical products used, as well as the techniques and skills required for hair cutting, shampooing, colouring, and styling.



Students will learn about Singapore’s image consulting industry. This programme will provide them with the basic skills in skincare, makeup, attitudes, etiquette, communication, dress sense, and more. At the end of the module, students will be able to identify what is suitable for the different face shapes and figure types. They will also be able to master skills in verbal and non-verbal communication, be able to give advice, and coach their clients on their appearance, behaviour, and grooming.



Students will learn all about art concepts and ideas used to create and design brands, as well as how to market an image or product. They will learn how to create digital logos and then create corporate products such as letterheads, name cards, and envelopes. Students will then present the whole package to explain and showcase their digital design and direction. The end product will be a unique output that students can be proud of.



Students will learn all about Singapore’s vibrant tourism industry. Students will understand how a travel and tour itinerary is thought of and planned out. They will then develop a tour brochure and a marketing plan for the tour. Students will learn the art of recommending destinations and tours to customers to suit their needs and requirements. They will also learn how to arrange tours, meals, sightseeing, entertainment, and transport.



Students will learn all about Singapore’s exciting adventure industry. They will learn how to manage adventures and gain relevant knowledge in areas such as safety, teambuilding, creating rapport, and leading groups. Students will be taught the proper and correct responses in the event of an emergency. Students will be exposed to core life skills such as leadership, discipline, self-motivation, and being a team player.




Students will learn all about Singapore’s automotive industry. With the rapid advance in technology, an automotive specialist’s job has evolved from being purely mechanical to include electronic technology. Vehicles today possess complex computer and electronic systems which require the automotive specialist to have a broader base knowledge than in the past. At the end of the module, students will be able to carry out a general 101-points servicing check of an automobile.



Students will learn the professional art of creating, crafting, fabricating and rendering designs for jewellery. The ancient practise of the goldsmith or metal worker has now evolved into a billion-dollar industry. Students will learn the processes behind the design of functional art pieces. The finished products will be presented for sale and proceeds will be donated for a charitable cause.



Students will learn about Singapore’s vibrant fitness industry.  Students will get to know how to manage health and fitness centres, and sports facilities. They will gain knowledge in exercise and human movement studies, as well as sports safety and emergency responses.



Students will learn how to plan a big event such as a wedding and make it into a grand and memorable affair. Students will get to appreciate the important roles for a successful wedding to happen, from the photographers, videographers, bridal gown designers, wedding emcee, and make-up artists to the florists. This course will give students an insight into the hard work a professional wedding planner does by involving them in the whole process of understanding the client’s needs and requirements, to the conceptualisation, to liaison, to finally putting the whole affair together to create a beautiful and lasting memory.



Students will learn about nursing, which is a career that is both fulfilling and rewarding. This service-oriented programme aims to equip the students with the knowledge and skills needed to make significant contributions in healthcare.



Students will learn how casino games are conducted with a wide range of skills and calculation methods. Students will gain an understanding of the principles behind these methods which are used by casinos to conduct games, such as security measures, procedures, and work etiquette.  Students will learn the preparations required to perform casino floor staff duties and understand the mechanics of gaming protection against theft and fraud.



Students will learn about working with organisations involved in community care services in a range of aged care or disability services settings, such as residential facilities homes and community agencies.




Students will learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which has gained interest and influence all over the world. The course will prepare students with introductory clinical skills and the right attitudes required to deliver effective patient care. Students will also be exposed to various Chinese martial arts such as Qi Gong and Wing Chun.





Students will learn what goes on behind the stage in theatre production. The foundation training covers the basic areas of work in a professional theatre and technical aspects of the theatre such as Introduction to Technical Theatre, Fundamentals of Stage Management, Stage Lighting, Performance Sound, and Costuming while understanding technical theatre as a career. A learning journey will let the students gain more knowledge in theatre set-up. Students will work on a scene towards staging it. The course will be inspiring, practical, and fulfilling for the students as they discover the power that every production role has and its important responsibilities.



Students will find out what it takes to be a dance choreographer. Most students love to watch dance performances and competitions.  From this programme, they will learn all there is to know about choreographing dances for performance showcases, dance musicals, and competitions.



Students will learn the art of being a Deejay (DJ), and be exposed to the use of DJ equipment and basic DJ presentation skills. Emphasis will be placed on building up and improving the students’ oral presentation skills as this is an essential skill for being a successful DJ. The course also enhances the students’ creativity as they create music remixes that will challenge them to build their own signature grooves through computer technology and DJ consoles.



Students will get the complete training package which consists of song writing, vocal techniques, and original music production. They will also learn accompaniment tracking and culminating with the recording of their original compositions at a professional recording studio. Through the use of multimedia computer workstations, students will harness their creativity and learn how to create their own original dance or techno loops that are based on music accompaniment for the songs they have written. The students will receive their final project as a mixed and mastered quality audio CD.



Students will learn about the three aspects of musical theatre: acting, singing, and dancing. Students will be introduced to musical theatre and develop basic skills in acting, singing, and dancing while understanding more about musical theatre as a career.



Students will learn the secrets of being a successful party entertainer, from entertaining a crowd by performing magic tricks to skilful balloon sculpting. They will also learn to present the various means of livening up an occasion. They will learn to explore how to plan a show to suit different occasions such as parties, educational events, or themed events. The highlight will be the opportunity for the students to showcase their newly acquired skills to a community organisation at the end of the course.



Students will realise after completing this course that there are many different types of modelling jobs apart from those commonly associated with a catwalk model. This informative course aims to give some preparatory tips to those aspiring to be a model and explore the different avenues and prospects available in this career choice.


Other Performing Arts Programmes offered

  • Sound and Sets Engineer
  • Stage Actor
  • Stage Director





Students will learn how to create visual stories, bringing the message across in forty-five seconds or less.  Students will learn how to create TV commercials with a strong emphasis on selling a product to a targeted audience. They will also be guided through brainstorming sessions to generate various ideas and make critical decisions in selecting only the best.



Students will be introduced to art concepts and ideas, while at the same time fusing visual elements into a digital end product. This course aims to integrate visual elements like enhancing and airbrushing images. It also aims to expose students to the various digital outputs available (from standard posters to digital design for TV outputs and digital prints for banners, logos and t-shirt designs) using industry-standard software.




Students will learn the skills involved in interior design, such as designing tools, drawing, rendering, and modelling. Students get the unique opportunity to explore creative approaches in solving technicalities in interior design, trends, and modelling while maintaining a strong understanding of the necessary skills of design development.



Students will learn how to create games without having to know programming codes. With the help of game editors, students can start building their own entertaining game in no time. In addition, students will be exposed to the different genres of games and understand game mechanics and game play.



Students will experience creating stop motion videos with the models they have created. They will conceptualise the storyline and have their models act out the scenes instead of using live characters. This course bundles the aesthetic learning process with the conceptualisation of the storyline, creating the model, animating the characters, and capturing the motion on video. Coupled with video editing software, students will move onto a journey of editing their videos with added sounds and music.


Other Film and Multimedia Programmes offered:

  • Film Director
  • Web Designer