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Mastereign Learning Journeys aims to bring individuals beyond the four walls of the classroom to broaden their learning experiences, open up their minds and empower them to become more effective citizens in the country.

We provide innovative and highly customisable “out-of-classroom” learning itineraries via an interdisciplinary approach to enhance what our students have learnt “in-the-classroom”.  This holistic fusion approach is the trademark of our signature programmes as we can easily tap on the expertise provided by the rest of the entities in Mastereign.

To ensure optimal learning, our students are required to produce either individual or group portfolios with specific themes and emphasis on National Education and character values.

“While the Learning Journeys have a National Education focus, a multi-disciplinary approach should be adopted so that the out-of-classroom learning experience is maximised and all relevant and possible learning points are incorporated. For instance, the visits to the key national institutions should impart National Education messages as well as provide lessons in history, science, geography and other fields of study. Learning Journeys, therefore, is a unitary programme with multi-faceted value that contributes to the total development of the child. They are to be regarded as an indispensable teaching tool that is a part of the learning continuum which will help chart the life journeys of our young.” 

—An extract from Ministry of Education’s Learning Journeys website

Our continuous effort in integrating learning journeys as an integral part of learning is achieved by:

  • Strategic collaboration and seamless integration with various outstanding industrial partners and government agencies
  • Incorporation with various Mastereign entities to provide the required fusion training
  • Professional and well-experienced trainers in the industries to provide relevant training

Our Stories

Successful Partnership with Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

In August 2012, Mastereign Learning Journeys was awarded to a strategic partnership contract with Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to conduct the Aviation Learning Journeys (ALJ). It is a half day aviation orientation programme cum site visit for students in secondary and tertiary level schools.

The ALJ provides a platform for students to understand more about aviation – the history of aviation, key achievements of Singapore aviation and the various career opportunities the industry offers. It also provides an opportunity for students to observe first-hand the dynamic work environments in the industry. The programme is part of the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Learning Journeys initiative for National Education (NE).

Within a short span of 1 year, Mastereign Learning Journeys has significantly increased the outreach of the ALJ to schools; successfully conducted the programme for more than fifty-five secondary schools and tertiary institution and trained more than 1,600 students. The positive feedback from participants are credited to the engaging programme delivery and the interesting site visit to aviation companies and simulators.



Student will learn to appreciate sculptures displayed in various parts of Singapore. They will learn the different art forms, materials and textures used for each piece of artwork and gain a better understanding of the historical significance of each sculpture. Students will be introduced to, and study, the local and international artists behind each sculpture to understand the style and technique used.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this learning journey, students will gain greater awareness of public sculptures in Singapore, gain a deeper understanding of visual arts, and at the same time learn about local and international artists. Through this journey, students will also gain a greater appreciation of the significance of the sculptures.


  1. Singapore River
  2. ASEAN Sculpture Garden
  3. Orchard Road
  4. Marina Promenade


  • Hands-on workshop on site
  • Create objects such as experimental aesthetic sculptures of humans, animals and insects
  • Appreciation of public art and its historical significance 
  • In-depth understanding of the artist’s perspective and his creative process



Students will be exposed to the Sports Health and Fitness industry through this learning journey. They will learn more about health and fitness, types of fitness centres and sports facilities. On top of that, the students will also be taught the importance of healthy living, starting with healthy dining. They will visit food processing plants that produce healthier choice of food products, such as bread, eggs, organic foodstuffs; and how they are processed, packed and sold.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this learning journey, students will gain a deeper understanding of the Sports Health and Fitness industry and the various jobs and roles available. Students will be taught how to develop an exercise plan and/or a diet regime. They will visit food factories and organic food farms to gain a better appreciation of the healthy living.


  1. Organic Food Farm
  2. Fitness Centres
  3. Muay Thai Gym
  4. Mixed Martial Arts Studio
  5. Food Processing Factory 
  6. Health Promotion Board
  7. YOG @ Singapore Sports Gallery


  1. Holistic sport, health and wellness exposure
  2. Industry and career exposure 
  3. Participation in community involvement project




Students will understand that millions of people exchange hands every single day in Singapore and the Central Business District (CBD) is the financial hub where some of the most intense and impactful actions take place. This learning journey will take students on an insightful trail in the Central Business District and they will have first-hand understanding of the various financial institutions in Singapore. Students will also learn about the rich history and heritage of the civil district of Singapore.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this learning journey students will gain a greater sense of patriotism that inculcates national pride and appreciation for the development of Singapore as a financial hub today. They will also understand the significance of various institutions that contributed to the growth and stability of our nation.


  1. Coins and Notes Museum
  2. Marina Bay Financial District
  3. Arts House at the Old Parliament 
  4. Cenotaph/Lim Bo Seng Memorial 
  5. Esplanade Theatres
  6. 1-Altitude Gallery


  • Visit to 1-Altitude Gallery – highest observation deck in Singapore
  • Guided hands-on session for experiential activities in each location 
  • Integration with NE and Character Education Syllabus 


Students will gain a deeper appreciation of the traditional cultures of different local ethnic groups by exposing them to their language cultures, visual arts and performing arts that include music, drama and dance.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of programme, students will gain valuable experience of local arts and culture through engaging activities both in and out of classrooms. Not only will they better understand proper social and arts etiquette, but they will also learn how to enjoy arts events through the participation in performances and arts exhibitions.


  1. Conversational Malay/Mandarin 
  2. Traditional Malay Music and Theatre
  3. Chinese Brush Painting
  4. Bollywood Fusion Dance
  5. Sculpture Walk
  6. Museum Visit




Students will learn about the importance of racial and religious harmony in Singapore. This learning package takes students to the various places of worship in Singapore to help students understand the practices and traditions of various religious groups in the country. In order for religious harmony to exist, people must have mutual respect, understanding, and forbearance among the adherents of different religions. Heart of Worship learning experience is thus an avenue to expose students to the beliefs of their peers, at the same time create a spirit of friendship and cooperation among the different religions.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this learning journey, students will have a better appreciation of living in a multi-racial and multi-religious society. How do I ensure that the right words and actions are being used? What do I do when I visit my Muslim friends? What customs are observed during Deepavali?


  1. Thian Hock Keng Temple
  2. Sri Mariamman Temple
  3. Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka
  4. The Armenian Church Singapore
  5. Jewish Synagogue
  6. Sikh Temple



Students will understand that as a nation with hardly any natural resources, Singapore has overcome tremendous land use and water constraint challenges over the years. On this learning journey, students will discover the nation’s continuous efforts to handle the resource management issue that confront Singapore.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this learning journey, students will gain better understanding of Singapore’s vulnerability due to scarce resources and how that makes Singapore different from other countries. This learning journey also provides an exciting package for students to understand the challenges of Singapore in the past, present and future.


  1. URA City Gallery
  2. Marina Bay City Gallery
  3. Land Transport Gallery
  4. NEWater Visitor Centre
  5. Marina Barrage
  6. Punggol Waterways
  7. Kampong Buangkok



Students will gain a ‘first-hand’ experience of Singapore’s history through an experiential learning journey exercise. If one does not know one’s own country thoroughly, one cannot love it sufficiently.  History is thus an index to a nation’s future possibilities just as it is a mirror to its past achievements.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this learning journey, students will develop a greater sense of patriotism that inculcates national pride among the youths. Students will visit heritage sites such as Old Ford Factory, Bukit Chandu, Labrador Park and various World War 2 sites where they will learn about the significant events that our forefathers went through. Also, they will appreciate the need for Singapore to defend herself.


  1. Fort Canning Battlebox
  2. Changi Chapel and Museum
  3. Kranji War Memorial 
  4. Old Ford Factory
  5. Bukit Chandu ‘Opium Hill’
  6. Labrador Park




Students will gain a unique up close and personal encounter with marine creatures in the Underwater World. Underwater World Singapore is a well-known oceanarium showcasing some two thousand five hundred marine creatures from two hundred fifty species from around the region.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this learning journey, students will develop an adventurous spirit and at the same time widen their knowledge of the underwater world. This discovery package not only takes students through an enriching learning journey, but also creates the opportunity for students to camp overnight right under the sea.


  1. Educational Marine Life Talk
  2. Underwater World Discovery Tour
  3. Amazing Race
  4. Ocean Games and Quiz
  5. Interaction with Marine Mammal
  6. Meet the Dolphins


Students will learn about their forefathers and their influences from different ethnic, religious and cultural background that contributed to the diversity and richness of a multi-ethnic Singapore. They will be taken on a historical trail that aims to instil in students a sense of belonging and pride.  Students will visit various ethnic associations to acquire knowledge on the history, culture, language, practices, various culinary delights and their unique costumes.




Students will learn about the rich heritage in the eastern part of Singapore. They will be brought on various walking trails of heritage foundations, such as the shop houses built in the 1900s by the early settlers. Along the trail in the heritage-rich Katong and Joo Chiat area, students will observe the traditional elements found on the exterior and within the interior of an ethnic house, such as the different architectural styles, the colourfully glazed wall tiles, relief panels of various designs, Chinese motifs such as dragons and phoenixes and the Peranakan colourful wall tiles and interior design.



Students will learn the importance of natural and resources conservation and appreciate how our country, through various initiatives, has continuously contributed towards saving our Earth. Students will be brought to various sites such as the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Marina Barrage, and more. Through these visits, they will acquire knowledge in carbon footprint, the importance of natural conservation, the Greenhouse effects and climate change, the different methods on saving energy and water and the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Renew, Recycle).



Students will gain an insight into the Food and Beverage industry. They will be exposed to the various F&B outlets and will visit food processing plants that produce wholesale food products for the F&B industry. They will also visit local clubs for insights about bar operations. Students will learn about beverage preparation and experience ‘mock-tail’ mixing.



Students will learn and practise key concepts and skills in the Retail, Hospitality and Travel and Tourism industries. The elements of business skills module offers an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience as well as meet and talk to industry professionals. With the expectation of a surge in demand for skilled hospitality professionals in the services industries brought on by the Singapore Integrated Resorts, students will find the programme invaluable.



Students will be taken on an eye-opening journey with a strong emphasis on the culture and aesthetics of ASEAN countries. Students will explore drawings, sculptures and paintings exclusively found in the region.  This tour also incorporates the English language as a major part of the students’ learning. The fun-filled English lesson revolves around artistic theme, where students will be able to identify and apply their language skills in their area of interest.



Students will experience an exceptional study tour revolving around the performing arts scene in Singapore. They will embark on an inspiring journey of dance and drama programmes conducted by top professionals of the industry. Not only will students be able to hone their craft through these power-packed workshops, they will also have the opportunity to interact with local performing artists and visit state-of-the-art performing venues in Singapore.




Students will experience a holistic package designed to immerse them into the education system of Singapore. This study tour offers a wide variety for programmes for both students and accompanying parents. Students will be able to interact with local students and participate in lessons and extra-curricular activities. Accompanying parents will be treated to a range of recreation activities such as personal development workshops and interaction sessions with local parents. Additionally, the excursion incorporated in this package not only allows for greater social interaction, it also provides quality time for families to get together to explore the culture and sights of Singapore.



Students will gain a holistic experience through this unforgettable study tour. An exciting spread of daily activities is customised for them to develop a new skill and also to immerse themselves into the Singapore culture. They will also have the opportunity to interact with local students through school visit and sporting activities. As a whole, this study tour not only provides an eye-opening experience for youths, it also serves as an excellent platform for young talents to be discovered.



Participants will learn about Singapore’s education system through various school visits and interaction with local educators. This week-long tour is an especially customised package for educators and will give participants the opportunity to visit a wide spread of institutions for various levels. They will also be taken on fun-filled and eye-opening tour to places of interest in Singapore. This tour serves as an excellent platform for participants to establish networks and exchange insightful experiences with one another.


Students will gain a better perspective of the reality that the less-privileged are faced with. This aims to inculcate a sense of social responsibility in every individual. In addition, students can help to meet the needs of the community by:

  • Donating items that are needed, such as books and stationery, clothing and footwear
  • Providing nutrition by sponsoring and serving a meal
  • Volunteering manpower for domestic projects such as refurbishing the premises
  • These hands-on experiences aid in raising awareness, developing soft skills and stretching the emotional quotient of the students.




Students will be taken beyond books and media to acquaint themselves with the music, language, dance, dress, customs, traditions and way of life of a different culture. In return, students will introduce their own culture to the locals. This fosters cultural understanding and friendship as it removes some cultural barriers and allow students to identify with the shared similarities.



Students will learn about different cultures, meet their foreign counterparts and walk a day in their shoes in the local academic system and daily routine. The students will have the chance to participate in classes and activities and interact with their new friends. The cross-cultural interaction with students whose first language may not be English aid in building better, broader communication skills, which is an added advantage in today’s global community.



Students will be sharpened in specific skills or activities in the area of their gifting. These areas include Visual Arts, Media Arts, Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship, Sports and Academics. Students will visit centres of excellence for exchange. Workshops and Master-classes taught by experts in the respective fields will be offered to cater to a wide range of proficiencies. Concurrently, students can also share their own knowledge and skills with the local groups. Students will also be given opportunities to display their newly acquired skills in a special showcase platform. Such interactions sharpen the knowledge and skillset of the students, and at the same time develop good communication and socio-cultural understanding.



Students will experience the impact that every individual can contribute to improve the lives around us. These trips combine adventure and travel with initiatives to benefit the local communities and aims to impart the value of looking beyond self to the service of the greater community. It also provides a good opportunity for bonding as individuals come together to work hand-in-hand towards a common goal. They will also experience the beauty of the nation through adrenaline-pumping adventurous activities as well as cultural experiences of architectural icons and unique vistas of each landscape.