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Mastereign Centre of Performing Arts (COPA) Drama believes that there is more to theatre than just performing on stage. That is why we provide quality and holistic drama education founded on strong character values. We are committed to engaging, nurturing and unleashing students’ hidden talent in drama.  We do that by encouraging, inspiring and promoting their involvement in performing arts.

When our students experience the transformative power of theatre, they will inevitably identify and develop life skills that will boost their confidence and contribute to their positive character building. Through drama, our students become more disciplined, more creative and more effective to take on the world.

Our Stories

Singapore Youth Festival

We have worked with schools to train, develop and prepare their students for the Singapore Youth Festival (Drama). Since 2008, we have garnered under our belt various awards ranging from Bronze to Gold. In 2013, we partnered with four schools each being awarded Certificate of Accomplishment. Throughout the training process, the students had displayed their skills, passion, perseverance, creativity, focus, discipline, confidence and teamwork to act, showcase and celebrate their talents through theatre.

Drama Festival

Since 2011, we have collaborated with Chung Cheng High School (Main) for their Annual Drama Festival. Throughout the process, we focused on training, directing and preparing the students to produce and perform a series of values-driven Plays in English utilising various theatre styles, performance forms and interesting themes to entertain and educate the audience over three nights.  In 2013, the school engaged us to train the students in both English and Chinese Drama. The aims for the festival were to develop the students’ appreciation for theatre and nurture positive character while improving their English and Chinese language skills through drama.

 “The Mastereign team led by Danny has been very accommodating to the school’s requests. Despite various challenges in scheduling and unforeseen circumstances, the team was quick to respond and work together with the school to come up with the best possible solutions. The trainers were professional and well-equipped in fulfilling their responsibilities. What stood out the most was their dedication in bringing out the best in the students both in their discovery of theatre and for their performance.

The team also demonstrated great initiative by providing fresh ideas for 2013’s Festival such as screening PowerPoint videos of the students as a precursor to the individual plays, and in doing up display boards for each class to help showcase the students’ efforts. They were creative in their vision and interpretation of the Plays so that­ each piece had its own feel and personality. The overall performances for this year’s Drama Night received warm responses from both school personnel and parents and it has been a pleasure to be able to work with the Mastereign Drama team to make the event a success. Thank you.” 

—Ms Hamzah Lee Nurdiyana
Overall Teacher-in-charge

Our Drama Trainers

Our drama trainers aim to INSTRUCT, IMPACT and INSPIRE the students. The drama team is supported by full-time drama educators who are also professional theatre practitioners in acting, directing and production works. As such, every trainer/director aims to share the knowledge and skills that have worked best for him or her over the years.

We are committed to providing a safe and an encouraging outlet for students of different levels and learning abilities to enjoy learning, to grow through drama and finally, to glow through theatre. Our trainers are constantly upgrading themselves with relevant skills in various drama disciplines such as process drama, physical theatre, mask work and forum theatre conducted by Mastereign.



Students will undergo an intense personal exploration of a problem, situation, and/or theme with discoveries through a series of dramatic conventions while developing traditional theatre skills. The programme utilises a practical experiential process that includes exploration, participation, investigation, reflection and discussion using process drama and forum theatre. To sum it all up, process is the purpose.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will learn to think beyond their own points of view on a topic as they explore and discover different attitudes, perspectives, and greater empathy. They also take on the mantles of experts in the topic being explored.


  1. Theatre Games
  2. Improvisation Theatre, Forum Theatre
  3. Process Drama Strategies and Conventions
  4. Journey of Exploration,  Participation, Investigation, Discovery, Discussion and Reflection


  • Experiencing personal growth through the process of drama
  • Nurturing socio-cultural awareness, critical and inventive thinkers, life skills and effective communicators required for the 21st Century Competent Learner
  • Developing decision-making skills, through examination of their actions, choices and consequences
  • Learning life’s values through theatre



Students will be introduced to different performance styles as they develop stage acting techniques and performance skills to stage a series of values-driven Plays in their very own Festival with a charity drive. Students will take on either performing and/or production roles as they work together to present their pieces in the school’s own theatre setting.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will learn to appreciate drama, understand and experience what it takes to stage their very own drama festival to bond with one another, to help the needy and to celebrate through theatre.


  1. Improvisation Theatre
  2. Stage Acting Skills and Performance Forms
  3. Basics of Technical Theatre
  4. Devising Theatre Towards a Festival


  • Appreciating and learning through different genres of play
  • Developing various performance forms and technique
  • Building camaraderie and celebrating unique talents through Theatre
  • Raising funds to help needy students through the festival with a charity drive 



Students will be trained to sit for the Trinity Guildhall Grade examinations – The training syllabus will be customised based on the subjects and grades chosen to demonstrate performance skills appropriate to their skills and abilities.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be prepared to sit for the internationally recognised Trinity Guildhall certification. Students will receive the examination transcript upon completion.


  1. Voice and Speech
  2. Improvisation Theatre
  3. Customised Main Modules (Choral Speaking, Acting and Speaking, Group Devised, Group Script, etc.)


  • Internationally recognised certification
  • Assessment of skills in both spoken interpretation and dramatic performance
  • Choice of examination (solo, pair or group examinations)
  • Structured framework for progressive development of skills



Students will learn to plan, prepare and perform a community service project using theatre to entertain, educate, impact and inspire.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will know how drama can be implemented for projects designed to benefit individuals, specialised groups or the community. They will walk away with positive life values and learn to pay-it-forward.


  1. Implement the Processes Involved in Developing a Community Project
  2. Exploring Issues and Solutions
  3. Learning a Variety of Drama Techniques and Performance Forms
  4. Project management skills with Mastereign Achievers


  • Experiencing the act of giving back to a variety of community-focused organizations such as hospitals, senior citizen residences, health agencies etc.
  • Devising community-based projects using theatre to promote awareness on issues with solutions
  • Service learning through projects with multi-disciplinary modules
  • Nurturing a responsibility towards community and self-management, as well as developing interpersonal and project-management skills that require leadership building




Students will learn more about the ASEAN community to develop awareness, cohesiveness, understanding and respect for each of the country’s culture through theatre.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will learn to plan, research, create, and share works including skit performances to entertain, educate, and promote ASEAN to the audience.


  1. Develop Understanding about the ASEAN Community
  2. Exploring Performance Forms from each ASEAN Community Country
  3. Theatre Skills
  4. Fusion Modules Including Visual Arts, Dance, and Music


  • Progressing towards the ASEAN Economic Community 2015 goals through forging connections, understanding and appreciation of one another
  • Nurturing Global Citizens 
  • Learning off-site to Asian Civilisation Museum and ASEAN Sculpture Garden
  • Developing awareness of international performing arts trends in ASEAN



Students will be introduced to a multidisciplinary arts workshop, which combines Drama with Dance, Music, Film, Media Arts, and Visual Arts. Students will be allowed to take on different modules to learn, prepare, present, and celebrate their works or performances in their very own arts festival.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will express their creative and artistic flair through a variety of showcases and performances. The school compound will be transformed into an arts gallery cum performing arts venue.


  1. Stage Performance
  2. Theatre Skills
  3. Producing and Staging Theatre
  4. Multidisciplinary art forms learning


  • Learning about life values through arts and theatre and applying them into everyday situations
  • Developing and celebrating through multidisciplinary arts
  • Experiencing personal growth through the process of exploration and learning of the Arts
  • Staging a purpose-driven performance with community involvement and charity drive to develop a sense of community, love and compassion for those who are less fortunate than them


Students will embark on a journey where their imaginations will be set free as they unleash their talent and discover the joy and demands in acting, staging, and performing in their own play.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be prepared to stage and perform confidently and competently in a short skit, small-scale play, or a professionally-staged large-scale theatrical production.

Optional: Students will get to act on the same stage with a professional actor.


  1. Production and Stage Craft
  2. Physical Theatre and Movement
  3. Theatre Games
  4. Voice and Speech 
  5. Stage Acting, Audition and Performance Forms



Students will be introduced to creative ways to dramatise a poetry text from local or ASEAN poets as they are encouraged to imagine, explore, and create while fostering an appreciation and enthusiasm for learning poetry in a fun way.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will learn to read, recite, and dramatize poetry that focuses on face, voice, speech, sounds, actions, and movements with performance forms such as tableaux and physical theatre while discovering and appreciating the works of local or ASEAN poets.


  1. Performance Forms
  2. Voice and Speech
  3. Choral Recitation
  4. Elements of Drama in Poetry Text
  5. Exploring, Understanding and Appreciating Poetry Text




Students will be trained to professionally stage a musical, showcasing either an original or adapted story with original or rearranged songs. This  programme also prepares the students to perform for and share their experiences with an audience invited from welfare organisations who may not have the opportunity to watch a musical.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students would develop performing skills in singing, acting and dance known as the triple threats as well as to perform with confidence and competency in their very own musical.


  1. Acting Skills
  2. Musical Dance
  3. Musical Singing
  4. Learning Journey to a Local Theatre Venue or Performing Arts School



Students will explore and discover more about their literature text through the process of drama as they break down the text into scenes for dramatisation, learn to rehearse, and finally, to stage and perform them as group devised skits in a classroom showcase.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will enhance their understanding of the story, themes and characters, and to develop fresh perspectives through elements of Process Drama.


  1. Theatre Games
  2. Process Drama
  3. Scriptwriting Basics
  4. Drama Activities and Exercises



Students will learn to set their imagination free to explore, discuss, plan and devise an original short performance text with various scripting devices based on a given theme, stimulus or issue. They will dramatise their skits and stage them with symbolic props and costumes where they will develop ownership of their role and performance.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will reflect on the learning points, characters and plot in the story and the relevance to life to develop positive values, perspectives and attitudes.


  1. Improvisation Theatre
  2. Group Devised Drama
  3. Dramatisation
  4. Stage Acting and Performance Forms




Students will develop oral presentation skills in a fun-filled drama and visual arts fusion programme that is largely inspired by the musical “Avenue Q”. The process will develop them to be confident young reader-performers concentrating on using voice, speech, hands, and face to perform by reading their story in an enjoyable and dramatic way using hand objects such as puppets, soft toys, etc.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will learn to recreate a story based on fairytales and dramatise it with puppets and/or soft toys while developing positive moral values.


  1. Presentation and  Storytelling Skills                          
  2. Group Devised Drama
  3. Visual Arts Training (Puppets/Props Making)
  4. Voice and Speech


Students will put on their thinking caps as they explore a world of imagination and create their own original tales where animals and objects come alive. They will learn how to conceptualise a storyboard, pen their script using Story Theatre form and to take turns being storytelling-actors to tell and act out the story.



Students will work together to stage the popular tale “Jungle Book” and make it their very own. Every class will perform a scene in the story as they learn to narrate and dramatise the tale using Story Theatre form while incorporating chorus and ensemble work in their performance.



Students will be treated to a holistic theatre programme which combines drama with other art forms such as dance, music, fashion design, make-up, prop/set construction, video production, 2D/3D animation and multimedia. They will work towards a high energy fusion theatrical production showing off their talents and performing skills.



Students will develop acting, story writing, and drama skills while learning about theatre in an exciting and fun-filled Drama camp. The camp will conclude with group-devised performances and presentations with a campfire on the final night.



Students will get to experience a variety of drama forms through this fun-filled experiential programme that includes poetry, improvisation, acting and story theatre.



Students will be introduced to the Rules of Improvisation as they immerse themselves in a dramatic make-believe world to explore, create, and act with imagination and spontaneity.



Students will be prepared to dramatise, film, and package an educational video for the school. Combining drama, social journalism and video production, students will learn to research, plan and create performances covering current topics.



Students will get to present and stage their very own 4-minute play in a street-theatre festival in school. This programme is divided into three phases that are aimed to build a sense of community within the school:

  • Phase One – Play Building
  • Phase Two – Drama Training and Production
  • Phase Three – Celebration Through Theatre



Students will plan and create short realistic situational skits to promote “Speak Good English” based on their observations and personal experiences. Combining drama and basic video production, they will learn to package the skits into a short educational video.



Students will be exposed to a learning-based performance where a particular issue will be presented. Using elements of Forum Theatre and various drama conventions, students will explore the topic to gain fresh perspectives and propose possible coping strategies.