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Mastereign Achievers was established with these objectives in mind:

  • To help students set and achieve their personal and educational goals
  • To nurture their character development
  • To bring them to the next level of success and achievement

Through a range of innovative programmes, we educate and inspire students to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge to achieve success.  Bearing in mind that different students have different learning styles, we are conscious to use the best possible delivery modes that incorporate a healthy mix of theory and engaging activities to impact them.

All our programmes are created to align with the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and the 21st Century Competencies frameworks. With a pool of well-qualified trainers collectively having over fifty years of track record, we are able to ‘walk the walk’ and provide students with a variety of fresh and holistic classroom experience that this generation of students truly deserve and can relate to.

Our Stories

BMT Study Skills Camp

In 2013, Mastereign Achievers ran the inaugural BMT (Bring Me More Tests) study skills camp at Naval Base Secondary. We ended the three-day programme, which was packed with experiential activities and deep technique learning, with a skills competition that tested the students’ performance in the application of the techniques.

The skills competition centred on the student’s ability to write Cornell notes and memorise them within 30 minutes at both individual and group level. The results were astounding – as close to a 100% of the students within the cohort were able to list all the key points in a social studies text that the teachers had provided. The unprecedented move of testing students in a fun and motivational way has yielded tangible results which the teachers have lauded as a clear signal of application and internalisation of learning.

In 2014, we aim to enhance learning through harnessing the scale and ubiquity of social media. Instructional videos hosted on YouTube and educational snippets on Twitter will be the next avenue of skills impartation as we continuously explore cutting-edge ways to deliver outstanding training to this generation of learners.



Students will learn critical study skills coupled with essential self-motivational and positive-thinking techniques. Instead of being overwhelmed by examinations, students will end up exclaiming, “Bring Me More Tests!”

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, students will learn a whole host of study skills complemented with self-motivational techniques so that they are able to get that “A” not only for their exams but also to be equipped with essential habits that will ensure that they are in constant pursuit of success in every juncture of their lives.


  1. Revision and Examination Time Management Skills
  2. SQ4R and Cornell Note Taking
  3. Memory Techniques
  4. Learning Styles
  5. Goal Setting
  6. Resilience and Mental Fortitude


  • Assessment based methodology
  • On demand online booster sessions
  • Level competition on subject matter
  • Assembly talks by noted high achievers
  • Bespoke learning style dossiers
  • Teacher and parent involvement



Students will learn how to develop leadership skills through the servant leadership framework. Students will undergo a holistic leadership training that will encompass all facets of becoming a leader, rather than just learning how to be one.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will grow to be a leader with a strong concept of values and one who puts practice into action to empower the community that he leads.


  1. Leading with Values
  2. Communicating to Influence
  3. Project Management
  4. Decision Making
  5. Working as a Team
  6. Leadership Goal Setting


  • Service learning projects involving key community figures within school vicinity
  • Learning Journey to historical landmarks to experience past acts of leadership
  • Working with school community to develop landmark school projects
  • Overseas service learning opportunities
  • Sharing sessions from servant leadership practitioners from the Greenleaf Centre (Asia) 
  • Participation in 2014 leadership congress



Students will be comprehensively introduced to all the elements of effective project management and concepts revolving around service learning. In this programme, students do not only learn about techniques and theories but ample opportunities are given to them to initiate action and embark on a programme that they will conceptualise to benefit the community at large.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be self-empowered with the skill sets and practical experience to create meaningful projects to impact the lives of others.


  1. Vision and Mission Setting
  2. Idea Generation and Needs Analysis
  3. Proposal Writing
  4. Scheduling and Budgeting
  5. Project Management
  6. Communication Skills


  • Partnerships with VWOs
  • Creation of sophisticated campaigns targeting online audiences
  • Learning Journey to view service learning in action
  • Overseas service learning opportunities
  • Service Learning Projects to tie in with school niche
  • Student driven with advisors at every implementation stage



Students will be taught essential life skills that will empower them to pursue excellence in every endeavour that they choose to undertake in life. They will be equipped with a range of projects and real-life scenario settings that will strengthen their core soft skills so as to be scholars in the school of life.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be equipped with the skill sets and experience to empower them to overcome the challenges that they will face as a pre-teen, teenager or young adult.


  1. Resume Writing and Interview Skills
  2. Grooming and Social Graces
  3. Deportment and First Impressions
  4. Communication and Presentation Skills
  5. Personality Profiling 
  6. EQ Competencies


  • Real-life simulations of key life-changing events through drama (fusion)
  • Learning Journey to places of different career pathways
  • Assembly talks by notable high achievers
  • Practical fine dining and interview hands-on sessions 
  • High infusion of ASEAN and global elements
  • Values driven curriculum with Community Involvement Programme (CIP) opportunities



Students will be introduced to a comprehensive range of character development modules to ensure that they make their life count at a young age. In this programme, values are deconstructed and infused into experiential activities so that they are able to learn about character development through a highly impactful manner with the concept of praxis as the driver to their learning.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be equipped with key character development traits and values where their penultimate aim is to convert their values into action to form a heightened sense of understanding of values and develop a strong character core.


  1. Anger Management
  2. Time Management
  3. Personal Leadership in Action and Change Management
  4. Relationship Management
  5. Customised Character Development modules from selected frameworks (HOM, K&P, SL, etc)


  • Compulsory school-driven projects
  • Personal character development portfolio and tracking system
  • Mentoring sessions on top of in-class training 
  • Experiential activities involving outdoor components
  • Customised to fit into any existing value/character development frameworks




Students will learn how to enhance their ability to think creatively, laterally, critically and innovatively through techniques developed by cutting-edge thinking and cognition frameworks. This programme provides students with the tools and experiential opportunities to develop their minds and condition their behaviours so that they can truly master the science of success.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will possess the thinking tools that would empower them to think out-of-the-box and to embark on actual projects that would put their learning into actual implementation.


  1. Problem Solving Skills
  2. Critical and Analytical Thinking
  3. Design Thinking
  4. Research Skills
  5. Gardner Multiple Intelligences
  6. Thinking Hats


  • Capability of programme to run in tandem with school curriculum 
  • On demand online booster sessions
  • Project engagement with corporate or non-­profit organisations
  • Outdoor experiential learning opportunities 
  • Learning journeys to innovation incubation hubs


Students will be introduced to the key leadership traits that they need to develop in order to be an effective leader. They will also be inculcated with the desire to make a positive impact and difference. Participants will be given an anecdotal approach to leadership as they learn the essential traits possessed by exemplary leaders of the past and present.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be equipped with the essential leadership skills so that they are able to effectively lead teams of any size for any intended purpose.


  1. Enabling and Multiplying a Team
  2. Speaking and Deportment of a Leader
  3. Leading with Values
  4. Handling Group Dynamics and Motivation
  5. Coaching and Mentoring




Students who are new to the school will learn effective coping techniques to allow them to transit smoothly into a new school environment. This programme will help students to successfully adjust so that they can continue to excel and enjoy their school years.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will understand the culture and value system of the school. They will also be empowered with skillsets and a positive attitude to ensure that they are able to overcome any rough patches during this period of transition.


  1. Managing Time Effectively
  2. Dealing with Stress
  3. Understanding Relationships
  4. Anti-Bullying
  5. Change Management



Students will undergo a thorough comprehensive learning style profiling test to identify their VAK tendencies. Key learning strategies will be instilled based on the students’ different learning style profiles so that they can utilize them effectively in their learning process.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will recognise their unique learning styles and how they can best optimise these traits to ensure academic success.


  1. Fleming VARK Model
  2. Felder and Silverman Learning Index
  3. Gardner Multiple Intelligences
  4. Cognitive Learning Styles



Students will be taught how to effectively engage the audience by using expressive vocabulary, appropriate tonal variation and enhanced pronunciation. They will learn the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication, which includes body language, eye contact, the use of visual aids and cues as well as audience-management skills.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will possess the oratory skills and the confidence to conduct impactful presentations and speeches either as an individual or as a group.


  1. EQ Speak
  2. Speaking with Conviction
  3. Content Structuring
  4. Building Humour and Personality




Students will learn social graces and personal grooming so as to make a good first impression in any occasion that matters. They will be taught the importance of upholding a stellar image by maintaining a high standard of grooming and deportment.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme, students will be able to recreate themselves so as to become outstanding young men and women with poise and excellent social etiquette skills.


  1. Dress Sense
  2. Social Etiquette
  3. Personal Grooming
  4. Body Language and Deportment
  5. Dining Etiquette


Students will learn time management, resource management and people management skills. This programme will allow students  to practise planning and taking on different roles in managing a project through experiential activities.




Students will be educated on the latest cyber skills to protect themselves from cyber-bullying, chat room dangers, online pornography, gaming, gambling and “phishing”.



Students will learn effective time management strategies so as to maximise their daily potential to succeed. Students will learn how to achieve more with the same amount of time that they have.



Students will learn about their unique character traits through either the MBTI Type or DISC Personality Test. They will then uncover their unique traits and how they can harness their personality to achieve success.



Students will discover how to handle an interview in any setting (job, scholarship, internship, etc). They will also be taught how to write compelling resumes that will enable them to garner the attention of the reader and decision maker.




Students will learn how to create and utilise mind maps in their study revision and to break down study topics into manageable chunks. This will allow them to make important associations across topics without being overwhelmed.



Students will develop their self-confidence when faced with problems. Students will learn the steps for a more informed and rational decision-making process through methodological and structured thinking processes.



Students will be taught pronunciation strategies such as word and sentence stress through groups and contractions. This programme also sets out to train students to be able to speak with confidence and clarity.



Students will be taught skills to host a formal function with an extra touch of glamour. They will learn the basic skills of stage presence and posture, deportment, presentation skills and mental preparation.



Students will be equipped with  essential skills to become engaging hosts. Through various vocal and body language exercises, students will become more aware about the importance of gesturing, self-introductions, handshakes, dress sense and sensitivity towards visitors in their schools. They will also be equipped with the knowledge and skills of hosting a formal function.